Finish your side projects.

Find your next one.

Meeet connects developers and designers working on side projects.

Meeet is the place to find a collaborator to help you ship that side project left by the wayside. We're here to help you find the best person to help you ship your project and discover your next one. Your portfolio will be stronger in no time.

Build Your Résumé

Side projects are the new portfolio builder. Finish up those you've left behind or start a new one! If you don't have your own idea, you can collaborate with someone else.

Find the Yin to Your Yang

Find a co-partner that complements your own skill set to create the best possible version of your project. Our search will match you up with skills you define in your project listing.


We're all about finishing what we start. You're just working with just one other person, and you're limited to working on one project at a time.

Tastes Like Free

Side projects shouldn't cost you much money. While we'd love for you to buy a Pro account, Meeet is free to use. All we need from you is the name, a short description, and a few tags to distinguish it.

Streamlined System

We're keeping it simple for you. Meeet is here to provide you with a directory of sweet side projects and awesome collaborators — we know you can take care of the rest.


  • No images — just ideas
  • Short taglines and descriptions
  • Free


  • Collaborator search
  • Project search
  • Controlled, skill-based tag system

Community Building

  • Accountability through collaboration
  • I ship, you ship, we all ship mentality
  • Featured side projects list everything we've done

Let's Get Down to Business